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Up-to-Date Information

Our player and statistics databases are always up to date, making it easy for you to have the data you need for Player Rankings and Projections right at your fingertips.

Easy to Use

There’s no easier way to set your Rankings, build top down Projections and make Trade Calculators or Draft Sheets without spreadsheets or really any math.

Team Collaborations

Build consensus rankings and projections from multiple contributors, and build Trade Calculators and Draft Sheets from these collaborations.

Everyone has an opinion, especially in fantasy, but without the data to back up your claims, you’re just another voice in the crowd. Our goal is to make creating player analytics as easy as possible to help your voice stand out.

Player Reports & League Insights

Get up to date reports and graphs on each player’s performance on a week to week basis. You can also look up previous seasons. In addition, you can get insights to how defenses perform against each position, to help make the best lineup decisions and recommendations for both fantasy and DFS.

See which players you have rostered in the most leagues, across multiple platforms, including both Sleeper and Yahoo Fantasy. You can also see the ADP of players in the leagues you participate in with Sleeper, for both start-up and rookie drafts.

Rankings & Projections

Make your own player rankings quickly and easily using our drag-and-drop interface. You can copy from your own existing rankings to make multiple versions, or even load up the current player standings and adjust them to match your rankings.

Build top-down projections for each team, to make the most accurate projections possible. Have each player's previous performance available at your fingertips, as well as their teammates to make sure your predictions are as accurate as possible, or use our Projection AI to build regression models to help you make projections.

Advanced Tools

Once you’ve made your Player Projections or Rankings, you can create a Trade Calculator based on those values. The calculator will build all your player values for you based on your own league roster size and scoring settings.

In addition to our Trade Calculators, once your player values have been created, you can instantly make a Draft Sheet that will automatically group players into tiers based on their values. Of course, you can adjust these tiers as you see fit.

Embeddable Tools

Our advanced Group Collaboration tools not only let you create consensus Player Rankings, Projections, Trade Calculators, and Draft Sheets, but you can also embed these tools on your own website with our embeddable tools.

Our advanced users can also access the same data via our REST API with our Groups plan. Pull Player Rankings, Projections and Values and use them within your own tools or to use from within your website. View our API Documentation here.

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