The tools to make the most accurate projections, easy!

Making player projections is one of the core aspects of being a fantasy analyst. Yes, player rankings are key, but if you really want to provide quality analysis for fantasy, you need to project the number of fantasy points each player will score.

The best way to do this is to project the entire team. Starting from the total number of plays run by a team, you can more accurately break down each player’s likely performance based on opportunity share, and Analyst Depot provides you the tools you need to do this easily.

Our Projection Wizard will start off showing you how many passing and running plays each team has run over the past 5 years, helping you make a projection for the entire team on the coming season. Next, you’ll be able to distribute each stat for all of the players, which graphs at each step showing you rushing share, target share, and every other stat you need to make the most informed projections possible.

There are no spreadsheets to build, no tabbing between web pages to find the stats you need for each player, and a player database that is always up to date. Analyst Depot is the quickest and easiest way to build these Team Based Projections.

To make this even easier, we offer our exclusive Projection AI tool. If you’ve been on Fantasy Twitter, you’ve likely heard about regression models for players. Well, Analyst Depot lets you build them quickly and easily without having a degree in Probability Theory. Just click the Projection AI button on the projection page, and we will run the appropriate regression model for you instantly.

We also offer tools such as our custom player stats tool, allowing you to define your own advanced metrics for players. You can even add these as parameters for your regression models, making the Projection AI completely custom to you.

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