Easily build Consensus Data and Tools!

Teamwork makes the dream work, which is why Analyst Depot now offers an array of Group Collaboration tools. Easily build consensus data with your entire team, and then turn those into valuable tools to share with your audience.

Users who sign up with our Groups plan can collaborate with other users on any of our plans (including our free plan) to create consensus Player Rankings and Projections. Our system even takes non-ranked players into account to come up with true consensus data.Then you can then turn these rankings and projections into Trade Calculators and Draft Sheets based on any of your group members.

Once you’ve created your consensus data, all of them have the ability to be embedded directly onto your own website. Simply click the “Get Embed Code” button and copy and paste the provided source code into your website, and you’re good to go. Any changes you make on Analyst Depot will automatically be reflected on your website instantly. Of course, if you have your own web developer and want to have more control over how the data is displayed, we offer a REST API to retrieve all data and display it however you feel is best on your website.

Be sure to check out our API Documentation.

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