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One of the most fundamental roles of an Analyst is determining a Fantasy Player’s value. This gives you a basis for player trades as well as the decisions made on draft day. So how do we go about calculating a player’s value? For a standard redraft league, this is basically a function of two things: their projected fantasy points, and the positional need for the player.

Projected Fantasy Points should be pretty obvious why it’s important. You want the players to score the most points for your team, and Analyst Depot has a collection of tools to help you do this. Our Projection Wizard will help you make team-based projections, helping you make accurate predictions for each player, or you can rank players for each position, and Analyst Depot will look at the average performance for that ranking and use that as a point projection. For example, if the RB2 scores an average of 308 points over the last 5 seasons, we’ll use that as the projection for your RB2.

Once you have your point projections, you have to adjust them based on positional need. For example, if you’re in a single QB league then the player values for quarterbacks go down because it’s not a position that needs a lot of depth, but this skyrockets in a 2 QB or Superflex league. The way we adjust this is using Value Over Replacement Player (VORP). What this means is that the lowest acceptable value is the value of the lowest ranked player you can play. So if you’re in a 12 team single quarterback league, you set the baseline at QB12, and any lower ranked players would have a negative value.

From here, we have the foundations for our Trade Calculator and Draft Sheet features.

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